Free early learning, health and family well-being support services are available for 124 New Mexico PreK students and their families who were accepted for the LCPS-New Mexico PreK program for the 2018-19 school year. Registration for the program will take place at seven elementary schools that offer the program from 9 to 11 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018, said Dr. Maria Artiaga, LCPS Executive Director of Federal Programs. All New Mexico PreK students must be accepted into the program prior to registering for classes.

NMPreKLogo“Registration is only for families who have been approved by the New Mexico PreK program,” Artiaga said. “To get pre-approved, parents need to contact the Title I Office at 575-527-6624 to make arrangements to complete an application. Preschool classes begin on August 15.”

New Mexico PreK is an optional early childhood program funded by the state that provides services to children who are four-years-old by August 31, Artiaga said.

The New Mexico PreK program is available at the following 7 LCPS elementary schools:  Desert Hills, Hillrise, Jornada, Mesilla, Sonoma, Tombaugh and Valley View.

“The New Mexico PreK program promotes school readiness by enhancing student’s social, emotional, language, cognitive, and physical development,” Artiaga said. “The program also works collaboratively with families to offer additional support services and resources.”

To apply for the program, parents or guardians need to bring their child’s original birth certificate at the time the application is submitted.

New Mexico PreK is funded for 100 full-day and 24 part-day programs in Las Cruces. The part-day program will be at Hillrise Elementary. Instruction is provided Tuesday through Friday and schedules will be provided to parents upon acceptance into the program. Both programs operate on a nine-month basis and follow the school district’s calendar.

School breakfast, lunch and snack services are provided to New Mexico PreK students by the school district.

For more information, contact Dr. Maria Artiaga at (575) 527-6624 or

— Damien Willis, LCPS Director of Communications, 575-527-5811,