Mesilla Elementary Students Learn About Agriculture

Mesilla Elementary School observed Agricultural Week at the beginning of October, during which students learned more about livestock, how their clothes are made and where their food comes from. The purpose of Ag Week was to invite community members to educate students on the science and environmental aspects of agriculture, as well as the role it plays it our daily lives.

Students at Mesilla Elementary celebrated Ag Week in early Oct.
Students at Mesilla Elementary celebrated Ag Week in early October.

Kindergartener Dredyn Colt Martinez brought his very own horse named Roan to school so that students could interact with him. Dredyn was also accompanied by his mother, Ernestina Lucero, who works as a vet technician.

Kindergartner Dredyn Colt Martinez introduces his horse Roan to students at Mesilla Elementary.
Kindergartener Dredyn Colt Martinez introduces his horse, Roan, to students at Mesilla Elementary School.

As a way to help the other students become more comfortable around Dredyn’s horse, they were encouraged to dip their hands in their preference of pink, yellow, white, blue or green paint and leave their handprints on Roan. During the lesson, students also learned about the life expectancy of horses, how they communicate and the amount of food they need to eat every day.

Five-year-old Dredyn is a member of the Las Cruces Horseman’s Association and participates in gymkhana, an equestrian event consisting of speed pattern racing and timed games for horseback riders.

“The lessons we learned during Ag Week really opened our eyes to the different activities students can be involved in,” said third- and fourth-grade teach Stephanie Story. “Many of our students don’t really get to experience agriculture in their daily lives.”

Students learn more about Roan the horse and what he likes to eat every day.
Students learn more about Roan the horse and what he likes to eat every day.

In addition to Dredyn’s horse, other students brought chickens, a turkey and a sheep to school during Ag Week. One former Mesilla Elementary student brought rabbits she had shown at the Southern New Mexico State Fair and gave a presentation to students. Lujan Farms taught students about growing and harvesting chile crops, and staff from the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum also explained the history of agriculture in our community.

— Samantha Lewis, LCPS Public Relations Coordinator, 575-527-5946,