The Las Cruces Public Schools Advanced Pre-K classroom is designed to serve students who do not meet the age requirements to start kindergarten and exhibit characteristics of advanced learning, as measured by screenings. The program is a collaboration between NMSU and LCPS and serves as a lab school for NMSU early childhood programs. Six slots in the program are reserved for children of NMSU students and staff.

The foundation of the Pre-K for Advanced Learners classroom is rooted in the seminal work of Dr. Lev Vygotsky. At the core of Vygotsky’s theory is the idea that child development is the result of interactions between children and their social environment. These interactions involve people — parents and teachers, playmates and schoolmates, brothers and sisters. They also involve cultural artifacts, such as books or toys, as well as culturally-specific practices in which a child engages in the classroom, at home, or on the playground. Children are active partners in all of these interactions, constructing knowledge, skills and attitudes — not just mirroring the world around them.

General Information

Location: Myrna’s Children’s Village at NMSU

Transportation: Parents must be able to transport their child to and from the Children’s Village Pre-K classroom at NMSU. No transportation is provided.

Capacity: There are 16 slots available in the program and can be admitted through LCPS or NMSU.

Criteria for Admission

LCPS Slots NMSU Slots
Age Requirement Must turn 5 between September 1 and November 30 Must turn 5 between September 1 and March 31
Screening Must show characteristics of advanced learning based on verbal and non-verbal learning.
Tuition Free Sliding scale based on income

For Information or to Schedule a Screening:


Dr. Wendi-Miller-Tomlinson
Associate Superintendent of Instruction

NMSU School for Young Children