New Mexico State University is accepting applications for two more engaging summer camps in June 2019.

The first, a Young Writers Camp, targets students entering grades 9-12 and features the theme of “Writing, Identity, and Southwest Environments” (WISE). WISE campers will be provided tools for developing a strong sense of identity, challenging negative media perceptions of people at the border, and becoming producers — not just consumers — of both media and technology. Campers will also gain awareness of the valuable learning they do in their everyday lives and how that connects to who they are and who they can be.

Camp director Karen Trujillo, PhD candidate in the NMSU English Department, highlights how the camp will capture the “power and beauty of storytelling at the border and how writing and technologies will capture and honor memories and stories of self and others, stories that might otherwise solely reside in our hearts and minds.”

The Young Writers Camp, taking place Monday, June 3 through Friday, June 7, is sponsored by El Paso Electric, the Southwest Border Cultures Institute, and NMSU’s Interdisciplinary Studies Department. The camp will culminate in a public, community reading on Friday, June 7.

To learn more, or apply, or to view/download a flyer, please use the links below.

The Girls Tech Camp: Girlhood Remixed offers girls who have completed fifth grade through those who have graduated eighth grade access to digital tools, not only to help them grow interests in technology but also to allow them to grow as valuable members of their communities by exploring what it means to be a girl today. Camp director Mavis Beckson, a doctoral student in NMSU’s English Department’s Rhetoric and Professional Communication program, describes herself as a “gender advocate with experience in working with non-profits serving to empower and support women’s education.”

The Girls Tech Camp is designed to empower girls, enlighten them of the possibilities to create technical projects beyond traditional learning, and bridge the gender gaps existing with respect to technologies. This camp takes place Monday, June 10 through Friday, June 14. Sponsors include Wells Fargo and the NMSU’s Gender & Sexuality Studies program in the Interdisciplinary Studies Department.

This camp will end with a public showcasing of the websites, videos, and other works created by the girls involved in this year’s program in the early evening of Friday, June 14.

To learn more, or apply, or to view/download a flyer, please use the links below.

The registration fee for each camp is $50 per child, due on the first day of the camp.

— Damien Willis, LCPS Director of Communications, 575-527-5811,