K-5 Plus will begin on June 21, and will end on July 26, 2019. Parents registering their child for the first time will have to provide the student’s birth certificate, immunization records and proof of residency. Parents with students returning to the program will already be in the system.

Breakfast, lunch and school supplies will be provided to students at no cost. Classes will begin at 8:00 a.m. and will end at 2:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. Transportation will be available for students who normally ride the school bus during the regular school year. For attendance purposes, it is imperative that all students in the K-5 Plus program are present in their classrooms on July 17, for attendance.

The 2019 New Mexico Legislature provided funding for additional educational time for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The program extends the school year for K–5 by 25 instructional days, beginning before the fall semester.

Daily classroom schedules include 90-minutes of literacy instruction for students in kindergarten, 120-minutes of literacy instruction for first-fifth grade and 90-minutes of math instruction for kindergarten-fifth grade.

Las Cruces Public Schools is working in partnership with the Las Cruces Museum of Nature and Science. Students will take part in this year’s theme “Exploration,” and will receive the GSK curriculum “The Science of Me.” All schools will take part in these lessons. The Science of Me content invites children to explore both the biological systems that make humans fundamentally alike, and the elements that interact to create a unique individual. Through engaging, hands-on exploration, students will discover how food becomes our body’s fuel, where oxygen goes when we breathe it, how our brains interpret the world and what role DNA plays in making us who we are.

The objective for the K-5 Plus program is to provide increased time for students in kindergarten through fifth grade, in order to demonstrate that early intervention narrows the achievement gap between at-risk students and other students. The program also highlights how increased cognitive skills lead to higher student achievement for students participating in the program. Using the Istation Indicator of Progress, teachers will be able to identify the needs of their students and tailor lessons accordingly.

— Samantha Lewis, LCPS Public Relations Coordinator, 575-527-5946, slewis@lcps.net