Las Cruces Public Schools is pleased to announce that on Aug. 20, the Board of Education voted unanimously to offer Dr. Karen Trujillo the position of Interim Superintendent for the Las Cruces Public Schools beginning September 10, 2019 through the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic school year.

Dr. Karen Trujillo addressing the LCPS Board of Education and public after accepting the Interim Superintendent position at the Aug. 20, LCPS regular board meeting.

The Board met twice in properly noticed Executive Sessions on August 19, and August 20, to discuss the possible appointment or hiring of an Interim Superintendent.

“With the school year just starting, and the unexpected availability of this respected education advocate [to fill this vacancy], the Board moved quickly to explore the possibility of selecting her to lead Las Cruces Public Schools for the 2019-2020 school year, and met with Dr. Trujillo during both of our Executive Sessions,” said Board President Ed Frank during tonight’s meeting.

With Dr. Trujillo present in the audience, the decision was greeted with multiple standing ovations from the audience, and high praise from Acting Superintendent, Dr. Steven Sanchez, who complimented the board on their selection.

“Karen is a singular strong voice for public education. She’s a teacher first, and that’s what I’ve always appreciated about Dr. Trujillo,” said acting superintendent, Dr. Sanchez. “I am so happy to know that you’re coming to this incredible district that I have grown to love. I love this community, the teachers here are outstanding. The students that we serve are being provided learning opportunities beyond my belief, in this many years that I have served as an educator. So, Karen, Dr. Trujillo, Interim Superintendent, I’m really happy that you’re going to be sitting in this chair very soon.”

President Ed Frank, secretary Maury Castro, board member Maria Flores and acting superintendent Dr. Sanchez during the LCPS regular board meeting on Aug. 20, 2019.

Dr. Trujillo has plenty of experience, along with a long-time commitment to public education, especially with the Las Cruces community.

“I’ve been talking to Dr. Trujillo and she understands the importance of relationships which just speaks to my heart, said board member Ray Jaramillo. “She understands the continuum of pre-k all the way through k-12, and beyond to higher education. I think that someone who understand the importance of relationships can bring a lot to our district, and really help us move forward and give our students the best opportunities to succeed in life.”

A graduate of Las Cruces Public Schools, and of NMSU, Dr. Karen Trujillo has been a teacher, an administrator, a university professor, an elected official, and most recently the Secretary of Public Education for the State of New Mexico.

“I had the opportunity several times to hear Dr. Trujillo speak to the NMSBA, and to an engaged success partnership meeting that Dr. Sanchez also attended,” said board member Maria Flores. “I was deeply moved by her vision for the Public Education Department, and her commitment to keeping the focus on students and staff and that has always been my priority.”

Among her many contributions to education, Dr. Trujillo founded Educators Rising New Mexico to recruit high school students into the education profession.

Dr. Trujillo thanked the board for their support as she expressed plans for the near future of the district.

“We need to continue the partnerships and working together and always keeping the students at the focus and making sure we have that reciprocal accountability, and making sure we trust each other,” said Dr. Trujillo. “I don’t know how to do things any other way, other than working as a team.”

She is also a strong supporter of our Community School Initiative here in Las Cruces. Board members expressed that Dr. Trujillo has the qualities the Board is looking for in the next leader for Las Cruces Public Schools.

— Samantha Lewis, LCPS Public Relations Coordinator, 575-527-5946,

El Consejo de las Escuelas públicas de Las Cruces presenta a la Dra. Karen Trujillo como Superintendente interina

Las Escuelas públicas de Las Cruces se complace en anunciar que en Aug. 20, el Consejo de educación votó de forma unánime para ofrecerle a la Dra. Karen Trujillo el puesto de Superintendente interino para las Escuelas públicas de Las Cruces a partir del 10 de septiembre de 2019 y para el resto del año académico 2019-2020.

El Consejo se reunió dos veces en sesiones ejecutivas debidamente anunciadas el 19 y el 20 de agosto para discutir la posible designación o contratación de un superintendente interino.

“Con el comienzo del año escolar y la inesperada disponibilidad de esta respetada defensora de la educación [para llenar está vacante], el Consejo actuó rápidamente para explorar la posibilidad de seleccionarla para dirigir las Escuelas públicas de Las Cruces para el año escolar 2019-2020, y se reunió con la Dra. Trujillo durante nuestras dos sesiones ejecutivas”, dijo el presidente del Consejo, Ed Frank, durante la reunión de esta noche.

Con la Dra. Trujillo presente en la audiencia, la decisión fue recibida con múltiples ovaciones de pie por parte de la audiencia, y un gran elogio del Superintendente en función, el Dr. Steven Sánchez.

La Dra. Trujillo tiene mucha experiencia, al igual que un compromiso a largo plazo con la educación pública, especialmente con la comunidad de Las Cruces. Ella se graduó de las Escuelas públicas de Las Cruces y de NMSU, la Dra. Karen Trujillo ha sido maestra, administradora, profesora universitaria, funcionaria electa y, más recientemente, Secretaria de Educación pública del estado de Nuevo México.

Entre sus muchas contribuciones a la educación, la Dra. Trujillo fundó Educators Rising New Mexico para reclutar estudiantes de preparatoria para ser educadores de profesión. Ella también es una gran defensora de nuestra iniciativa de Escuelas comunitarias aquí en Las Cruces.

Los miembros del Consejo expresaron que la Dra. Trujillo tiene las cualidades que el Consejo está buscando en el próximo líder de las Escuelas públicas de Las Cruces.

Translated by the LCPS Translation and Interpretation Department, 575-527-5881,