Oñate High School’s Special Education Life Skills Class and Deaf Education Program attended a community project Friday, September 27th that helped to paint a mural at the Branigan Library. The Artist A.O. put together an amazing opportunity for the community to assist by creating a paint by numbers mural so that anyone could become an artist.

She was a great influence on the students. One student said of the experience, “I really enjoyed painting. I didn’t even want to take a lunch break, that’s how happy I was.”

The students were able to help with several aspects of the project from priming the top of the wall where everyone’s signatures went, to adding details, painting and some even helped the artist number the sections so that the public could paint. Students also helped clean brushes when they needed a break in the shade.

“It was amazing to see the students get out and get involved with the community,” said Sarah Keesling a special education teacher from Oñate.

Top Row: Ms. Gray, Gustavo, Jordan, Elijah,Jonathan, Joshua, Genesis, Kaitlyn, Raquel, Ms. Walker, Teddy Bottom row:Esteban, Corey, Ms. Keesling, A.O.(the Artist) Senquay, Ms. Vance, Ms. Barnett, Ms. Martel, Ms. Gomez, Jason. Not pictured but in attendance Jerome.

Students talked to new people and were able to use jobs skills that have been taught in the classroom in a practical setting. All together the classes put in nearly 100 community service hours over the 3 days of the project.

A special thanks to the following people who were instrumental in making this happen for our students: Pauline Castillo of PPD Transportation, Missy McWhorter Oñate HS Finance Personnel, Stephanie Vance Deaf Ed Teacher, Michele Gray Interpreter, Magdalena Barnett Interpreter, Analisa Martel Interpreter, Joslene Gomez Interpreter and Beth Walker Special Ed EA.

— Samantha Lewis, LCPS Public Relations Coordinator, 575-527-5946, slewis@lcps.net