6 Houses 1 School

Sonoma Elementary is implementing a House System beginning this semester. Teachers and staff at Sonoma are excited to share what a House System is and what it will look like at Sonoma.

A house system is when a school is divided up into groups called houses. Each student will randomly be assigned to one house. This is to create a smaller community within the larger community, to help create a sense of belonging.

Some Benefits of using a House System:

• Create relationships and connections that can be crucial with children dealing with trauma

• Help students ease into transitions as they move to different grade levels or as new students enter our school.

• Reduce bullying and behavioral problems

• Create a sense of camaraderie and identity • Give students opportunities to lead

• Build student to student relationships as well as student to teacher relationships.

On February 21, we will be randomly sorting students into their house. Once they are sorted into their house, that will be their house for life. This will be a celebratory event that will help make this big school feel small, by creating connections with various staff members and students across grade levels.

Students from grades k-5 will be in each house. We will be holding house meetings each month where we will be working on soft skills that build character and leadership as students move through our elementary school.

— Samantha Lewis, LCPS Public Relations Coordinator, 575-527-5946, slewis@lcps.net