This spring, new math instructional materials are available for teachers and community members to preview and evaluate. The process, outlined in School Board Regulation IJJ, began in late fall. A dedicate group of LCPS teachers, principals, and content specialists that included representatives from all levels and student groups including bilingual and special education, reviewed all of the materials presented by the NM Public Education Department in order to narrow the selection to two or three choices at each level. The publishers selected to move to the next round evaluation are:

During this phase of the review process, every math teacher has a voice and a choice in the instructional materials adoption by evaluating all sets of instructional materials based on twenty-one researched based criteria. The deadline for teachers to submit their evaluations is no later than March 13th at 5:00 pm.

All materials include instructional and language supports for English Learners. Additionally, each publisher offers a variety of Spanish materials to support our students and families.

Publisher Materials Available in Spanish
Curriculum Associates “Ready Classroom”

Grades K-5

  • Print:
    • Student facing materials
    • Teacher materials coming late Spring
    • Discourse Cards and Question Cubes
  • Digital:
    • Family Letters
    • Progression videos for each unit in English, with Spanish closed captioning
    • Interactive Learning Games in Spanish coming soons
    • Teacher Lesson PowerPoint Slides
    • Fluency and Skills Practice
    • Center Activities
    • Enrichment Activities
    • Assessment Resources
    • Literacy Connections
    • Learning Games
    • Diagnostic Assessment
    • Multilingual Glossary
Pearson “enVision 2020”

Grades K-5

  • Print:
    • Student facing materials
    • Additional Practice materials
    • Assessment Sourcebook
    • Today’s Challenge Teacher Guide
    • Problem-Solving Leveled Reading Mats and Activity Guide
    • Teacher Companion
    • Home Connection Letters
    • Pick a Project
    • STEM Activities
    • Build Mathematical Literacy
    • Enrichment
    • Interactive Math Stories (K-2)
  • Digital:
    • Interactive Student Edition
    • Three-Act Math Videos
    • Solve & Share
    • Today’s Challenge
    • Self-Assessment
    • Academic Vocabulary Activities
    • Convince Me
    • Quick Checks
    • TestNav Assessments
Carnegie Learning “Math Solutions

6 – Algebra 2

  • Print:
    • All student facing materials
    • Skills Practice Workbook
    • Math Power for Parents resource handbook
    • Family Guide for every module
  • Digital:
    • Interactive student edition
    • Downloadable PDF of the student edition
    • Downloadable PDF of the teacher edition
    • Mathia for grades 6-8
    • Self-Assessment
    • Spanish assessments coming soon
    • Family Guide for every module
    • Quick Checks
    • Interactive Glossary
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt “Into Math and Into AGA”

6 – Algebra 2

  • Print:
    • Student facing materials from 6th – Algebra 1
    • Journal and Practice Workbook (High School only)
    • Home Letters (6-Algebra 2)
    • Lesson Reteach, Challenge, and Additional Practice (6th-Algebra 1 only)
    • Tabletop Flipcharts (6-8 only
    • Assessments (6-8 only)
    • Differentiated Instruction Masters (6-8 only)
    • Game and Activity Cards (6-8 only)
    • STEM Tasks and Unit Project Cards (6-Algebra 1 only)
    • Home Letters (6-Algebra 2)
    • Home Letters (6-Algebra 2)
    • Home Letters (6-Algebra 2)
    • Home Letters (6-Algebra 2)
  • Digital:
    • Home Letters (6-Algebra 2)
    • Interactive Lesson Reteach, Challenge, and Additional Practice (6th-Algebra 1 Only)
    • Multilingual Glossary (6-Algebra 2)
    • Assessments (6-Algebra 2)
    • Teacher Resource Masters (Algebra 1 only
    • Differentiated Instruction Masters
    • Adaptive Assessments (6-Algebra 2
    • RTI Mini-Lessons (6-8 only)
Learn Zillion “Illustrative Mathematics”

6 – Algebra 2

  • Print:
    • Student facing print materials (6-8 only)
    • Student Assessments (6-8 only)
    • Additional Practice Problems (6-8 only)
    • Family Materials (6-8 only)
  • Digital:
    • Downloadable PDF of student edition (6-8 only)
    • Downloadable PDF of Assessments (6-8 only)
    • Downloadable PDF of Additional Practice Problems (6-8 only)
    • Downloadable Family Materials (6-8 only)

We invite our parents, students, and community members in getting to know the future mathematics instructional materials that will support our students’ mathematics learning for the next six years. Samples of the materials up for consideration are located in your child’s school (please check in at the front office) and at the Teaching and Learning Center at 505 South Main, Ste. 400. We encourage you to ask questions and chat with your child’s teacher or principal to learn more about the materials. You can also learn more by clicking on the publisher links above. You may submit your feedback in person by filling out a “Parent and Community Textbook/Instructional Materials Community Input Form” located at your child’s school or the Teaching and Learning Center. All community feedback should be submitted no later than Friday March 13th at 5:00 pm.

Board members wishing to review the current materials under consideration may visit any school or the Teaching and Learning Center during regular business hours until March 13th at 5:00 pm.

Upon completion, results from all stakeholders will be tabulated and presented to Deputy Superintendent Dr. Miller-Tomlinson who shall in turn advise Superintendent Dr. Trujillo and schedule a presentation for the Board of Education