Director Erica Surova and her team at the NMSU Center for Community Analysis (CCA), Ngage New Mexico, and the SUCCESS Partnership are pleased to present the 2020 Doña Ana County Education Context Report. This exquisitely compiled report contains local, statewide, and national data across the prenatal to career continuum of education.

Surova tells us, “this report is one of the most comprehensive compilations of education-related data for Doña Ana County. It provides the context of equitable access to education and other social determinants of health, highlighting our successes and areas in need of improvement. We hope that it serves as a reference for stakeholders to make evidence-based decisions that ultimately improve children’s lives in our county.”

The CCA was established in 2016, collaborating with partners across the county and state to gather data that is hard-to-find or spread across many organizations and gather data through surveys, assessment, and evaluation.  This collective effort allows us to centralize, analyze, and disseminate data to the community to improve evidence-based decision-making, a key strategy for the work of Ngage New Mexico and the SUCCESS Partnership.

The first Education Context Report was published in 2016. Since then, many meaningful changes have been tracked throughout Doña Ana County.  So, what stories do the figures tell us? The latest data suggests that while many outcomes have greatly improved for residents, there is still room for growth.  Access to Early Childhood Education in Doña Ana County has increased, with funding available for an additional 809 children compared to FY 2017, yet many of our early childhood workers are still earning less than fast-food cooks with a median income of $19k.  Hispanic or Latino persons are twice as likely as white non-Hispanics to lack access to the internet or a computer exemplifying the importance of the fight for equitable and sufficient education resources.  These are just a few accounts of changes captured in the Context Report.

The SUCCESS Partnership is committed to improved education outcomes and embraces the idea that “Education is a shared responsibility.” We are thrilled to share this valuable data that will guide our work for years to come.

The full report can be found by following the link below or by visiting the CCA website at