As a final semester project, students in Ms. Telles’ 7th grade class at Mesa Middle School took on the task of building a 3D robot of their very own using materials they would normally find inside or outside their home. Many students got creative using items such as clay, play-doh, empty cans, funnels, candy, ribbon, pipe cleaners, toy cars, Legos, etc.

One student had another idea in mind. Guided by her imagination, Tatia Colvin rummaged through piles of scrap metal, collecting what she needed in order to give her vision some legs. Tatia borrowed some tools from her dad while he helped supervise.

Tatia Colvin, 7th grader at Mesa Middle School welding her robot

Wearing all proper safety gear, Tatia strapped on a helmet and welded her project together piece by piece. After many long hours of labor, Tatia’s 3D robot stood nearly three feet tall, equipped with eyes, arms, legs and a custom metal flower on its head.

Tatia Colvin, 7th grader at Mesa Middle School welds a 3D robot

Estrella Telles, who teaches the STEM Robotics Magnet Program at Mesa, said Tatia’s project blew her away.

“Tatia went above and beyond,” said Telles. “I am in the clouds with pride! When I saw it and she told me she welded it herself, I was amazed!”

Tatia Colvin adding the finishing touches on her robot

In the school’s mission statement, students are encouraged to create engaging learning experiences in a positive environment that challenges all students to their maximum potential to ensure their current and future success. Principal Steve Rodriguez said it’s wonderful to see families working together.

Tatia Colvin building her 3D robot out of scrap metal while her father supervises

“It was great to see the time she spent with her dad learning real world activities,” said Rodriguez. “With everything going on, I think it’s important for parents to be involved in their child’s education and how they can help their children become successful.”

Tatia Colvin giving her mother the thumbs up while working on her final project

Students like Tatia prove every day that with a little imagination, mixed with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.


— Samantha Lewis, LCPS Public Relations Coordinator, 575-635-9303,