On November 2, 2021, the community of Las Cruces showed their support for the students of Las Cruces Public Schools as they voted in favor of a $50 million school bond issue and renewal of a Public School Capital Improvements Levy. Funding for the bond will result in renovations to older schools, major repairs and improvements to roofs, kitchens, restrooms, athletic facilities and will help improve many school facilities.

The renewal of the Public School Capital Improvements Levy will provide funding to maintain all schools while protecting the investment of our taxpayers. The mill levy will also pay for school equipment, playground improvements, classroom furniture, musical instruments and many other projects. Students will benefit greatly from your support.

Thank you to all the voters for putting the needs of students first. As a district, it would not be possible to begin plans on major renovations without your full support. As we move forward together, it is our mission to be transparent with you on where your dollars are going. Las Cruces Public Schools will release a timeline of approved projects on the list for upgrades. Community members will be updated routinely about projects in the works and will be notified once a project is completed. This is our promise to you.

Thank you again for exercising your right to vote and doing so in favor of LCPS students who will go on to become our future leaders of this wonderful city, state, and country. Your support is paramount to their success. Together, we are LCPS.


— Samantha Lewis, LCPS Public Relations Coordinator, 575-635-9303, slewis@lcps.net