An additional function of the Bilingual and Migrant Education (BME) department is to support the International Welcome Centers (IWC). The International Welcome Centers (IWC) are a centralized location that provides supplemental services to immigrant, migrant, international and English Learner (EL) students in the secondary grades 9 – 12. There are four (4) IWCs throughout LCPS, housed at each of the comprehensive high schools.

Description of Services

Some of the services that the IWC provides include advising EL, international, migrant, and immigrant students and their families regarding grade placement, academic profiles, and educational opportunities. Specifically, the IWC organizes the administration of English language proficiency assessments (WIDA Online Screener) to all incoming middle and high school students. IWC staff also collaborates with school counselors to properly place students in a course of study that meets the student’s individualized needs. In addition, the IWC provides parent workshops and presentations for the district to promote parental involvement for EL, immigrant, migrant and international students.

The IWC Student Advisor (IWCSA)

The IWC student advisor (IWCSA) is essentially the case manager for EL, migrant, immigrant and international students. They assess language proficiency of students, ensure proper placement in courses, monitor academic progress, and assist with providing intervention supports for students. The student advisor also assists the middle schools with the assessment and placement of English Learners, at the same time maintaining data for all middle and high school bilingual and English Learner programs.

The IWC student advisor is a TESOL and/or bilingual-endorsed teacher who has proven success in differentiating instruction for English Learners. The school administrators, in conjunction with the IWC student advisor, may determine support provided to classroom teachers, if appropriate. This may require that the IWC student advisor visit classrooms, not only to support students, but also to support teachers. The role of the advisor is that of a coach and is NOT evaluative in any way.

Language support services are also provided to middle schools and specialized high school programs. See the chart below, which indicates the IWC Student Advisor assigned to each campus. The IWC Student Advisor will coordinate services to each middle school.

Erika Martinez Ge Ann Killgore Marcella Sandoval Maryesther Beltran
Centennial High

  • Camino Real Middle
  • Sierra Middle
Las Cruces High

  • Zia Middle
  • Picacho Middle
  • MVLA
Mayfield High

  • Vista Middle
  • Lynn Middle
Oñate High

  • Mesa Middle
  • White Sands Middle
  • RGPI
  • APECHS/Medical Adcademy