The Bilingual and Migrant Education (BME) department places our students at the top of our priority list. Every program we implement and every action we take prioritizes the cultural and linguistic experiences of our students and their families. According to Hollie (2018), a culturally and linguistically responsive experience includes the “validation and affirmation of the home (indigenous) culture and home language for the purposes of building and bridging the student to success in the culture of academia…” (p. 23). We believe that student recognition and awards programs not only validate a student’s home language, but ALL languages and ALL experiences. The BME Department sponsors two annual awards for our culturally and linguistically diverse students and their families.

Concurso de deletreo/Spanish Spelling Bee

Spanish Spelling Bee WinnersOpen to any student who studies the Spanish language, this annual event occurs each year in February. A competition is held at each school for students enrolled in grades 4 – 8. The winners of each school competition are eligible to participate in the LCPS district competition. There is a first, second, and third place winner. The first place winner of the district competition moves on the New Mexico State Spelling Bee, sponsored by New Mexico Association of Bilingual Education (NMABE), held each year in Albuquerque in April. The winner of the state spelling bee moves on to the national competition held in San Antonio, Texas in July!

New Mexico Diploma of Excellence: Bilingualism and Biliteracy Seal

The Bilingualism and Biliteracy State Seal of New Mexico is an honor awarded to graduating seniors each year. The seal is not only an important piece of New Mexico history, but is also a meaningful legacy as an ideal avenue for students interested in showcasing their proficiency in one or more languages other than English. As a statute and rule in New Mexico Administrative Code (6.32.3 NMAC), students must traverse a rigorous, multi-year process, which includes completing coursework, passing various exams, and/or presenting a portfolio of their accomplishments in front of a distinguished panel.

The table to the right indicates the number of recipients who have earned the Bilingualism and Biliteracy Seal in the past two years, at each high school and for each language.

Please contact your International Welcome Center Student Advisor (IWCSA), the high school counselor or a BME staff member for more details.