Ed Frank

President Ed Frank

District 5  |  Elected in 2015 (Term ends in 2019)

Ed Frank's Biography

Ed Frank was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he attended public school. He attended West Chester University and graduated in 1965 with a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Immediately following graduation, he began teaching 8th grade mathematics in Monticello, New York. Later, through the Illinois Institute of Technology, he received an MST (Master of Science for Teachers) in Mathematics.

Though Mr. Frank’s first year of teaching was a challenge, he persevered and returned for a second year. His teaching philosophy was to get to know his students, show them he cared, and never lose faith in their ability to learn. This philosophy served him well in his 39 years of teaching at the middle school, high school, and community college levels. He taught almost every mathematics course from 7th grade math to Calculus.

In 2005 Mr. Frank retired, and moved to Las Cruces in 2007. Ed and his wife, Sandra, have been married for 54 years and together raised three children, Andy, Peter, and Cheryl.

Mr. Frank was elected to the Board of Education in 2015 to represent district 5. He is currently the Board President. He joined the Board for one reason: to give the people who inhabit the classrooms of LCPS the support they deserve.

Terrie Dallman

Vice President Terrie Dallman

District 2  |  Elected in 2017 (Term ends in 2021)

Terrie Dallman's Biography

Terrie Dallman has been a resident of Las Cruces for over 30 years.  She and her husband, Jeff, are proud parents to two daughters and equally proud grandparents to one grandson. Mrs. Dallman attended New Mexico State University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in K-8 Education, a Level II New Mexico teaching license with endorsements in Bilingual Education, TESOL and Modern and Classical Languages.

Mrs. Dallman retired from Las Cruces Public Schools after a 17-year career as a bilingual education teacher for elementary and middle school students. In 2001, she was named LCPS Bilingual Teacher of the Year.   As a teacher her question for every lesson was ‘How will this lesson impact or enhance my students?’  As a member of the Board of Education, she continues to apply this philosophy in every decision brought forth to the Board.

Elected to the Board of Education in 2017, she represents District 2 and currently serves as the Board Vice President.  She is actively involved in the following committees:  Las Cruces Quality of Life Committee, LCPS Ethnic Studies Committee, Las Cruces Partnership for Community Schools and a Las Cruces Public Schools Foundation., Inc., Ex-Officio Member Liaison.

Maury Castro

Secretary Maury Castro

District 4  |  Elected in 2015 (Term ends in 2019)

Maury Castro's Biography

Maury Castro was born in Santa Rita, New Mexico where he worked in the zinc and copper mines for 13 years.  He served in the Army during the Korean War.  He received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Education from Western New Mexico University and a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from New Mexico State University.  Maury and his wife of 50 years, Dolly, have 9 children and 13 grandchildren.

Professionally, Mr. Castro worked for the New Mexico Department of Labor as a Vocational Counselor and for the New Mexico Department of Education (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation) where he retired as Deputy Director.  He also worked in a homeless program and a program for the mentally handicapped as an employment counselor.

Mr. Castro has been an active member of the community by working with the Democratic Party, LULAC, AARP and serving as Executive Committee member for the Health Security for New Mexico campaign. He was one of the founders of Students, Inc., a youth employment program and a golf program for children from single parent homes, named Different Strokes.

He has served on the Las Cruces Board of Education since 2015 and is currently the Board Secretary.  Mr. Castro wanted to serve on the Board of Education in order to ‘pay it forward’ because he received so many benefits from the education system.  Having come from a family of immigrants, he is mindful of the opportunities that education provided him.

Maria Flores

Member Maria Flores

District 3  |  Elected in 2017 (Term ends in 2021)

Maria Flores' Biography

Sra. Maria A. Flores was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, but has lived in Las Cruces for 30 years with her husband, Dr. Ernest A. Flores.  Together they raised three children, all graduates of Las Cruces Public Schools and all college graduates.  Sra. Flores was an elementary teacher for 15 years and has devoted her career to the education of children.

As an advocate for education, Sra. Flores has championed children’s literacy projects, as well as nutrition and social justice initiatives.  She has fought against education policies that she believes place too high a value on standardized testing, and has worked steadfastly to restore the joy of learning to classrooms.  In 2012, the New Mexico School Board Association named the LCPS Board of Education, NM Board of the Year.    She continues to volunteer her time and energy to serving and mentoring the children of Doña Ana County.  She was one of the founding members of the Children’s Reading Alliance and has served for three years as a Big Sister through the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. She was also named a Woman of Distinction by the Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest.

Sra. Flores was first elected to the Las Cruces Public Schools Board of Education in 2009 and has served proudly as its President and Vice-President.  Her focus has always been to speak for those with no voice, and to promote equity for our students.

Ray Jaramillo

Member Ray Jaramillo

District 1  |  Elected in 2017 (Term ends in 2021)

Ray Jaramillo's Biography

Ray Jaramillo has lived in Las Cruces since 1993.  He and his wife Mackenzie have two children, who both attend high school in LCPS.   He is a graduate of New Mexico State University where he earned his degree in Early Childhood Education along with a minor in Child Advocacy Studies.  To further his education, Ray is currently attending Erikson Institute pursuing his Master of Science (MS) in Early Childhood Education.

Ray is currently the Director of Alpha School for Young Children, a five star nationally accredited preschool.  He has been working with young children and has been employed with Alpha School since December of 1995.  In 2012, he was appointed by Governor Martinez to the New Mexico Early Learning Advisory Council (ELAC).  In July of 2018, Ray was reappointed to another four year term with ELAC where he currently serves as co-chair of the public policy committee.

Ray was elected to Las Cruces Public Schools Board of Education in February, 2017 to represent District 1.  Ray believes that education needs to be built on positive relationships.  Through relationships we provide students with the essential support for learning.  Education built on relationships will have positive life-long implications for both students’ academic and social development.