What is Count Me In?

During the 2008-09 school year, the Las Cruces Board of Education created a policy to address an attendance problem within the district. The policy states that every high school student must be in each class at least 90% of the time to receive class credit. To create awareness about the new policy the Superintendent’s office along with several business partners created the Count Me In Car! Giveaway event. The program is an incentive used to increase awareness of the attendance requirement and to encourage and reward good attendance. Community partners cover the cost of the car and the district organizes the event held each spring.

Qualifying for the Car Drawing

High school students who meet the 90% attendance requirement are eligible to win the car. Students will have the opportunity to earn up to four (4) entries into the drawing for the car. Entries can be earned as follows:

Fall Semester:
90% attendance = 1 entry into the drawing
Perfect Attendance = 1 entry into the drawing

Spring Semester
90% attendance = 1 entry into the drawing
Perfect Attendance = 1 entry into the drawing

Entries are automatically entered into the drawing based on LCPS attendance data.

Absences due to school-sanctioned trips (athletics, fine arts, JROTC, FFA, etc.) are considered excused absences and do NOT count against a student’s attendance record.

Students must be enrolled in Las Cruces Public Schools at the time of the drawing to win the car.

Students will be disqualified from the drawing for intermediate to major infractions of discipline regardless of meeting attendance requirements.

Students will have four consecutive years from the date of initial enrollment with LCPS to participate in the car giveaway program.

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Count Me In FAQ

Do I have to be present at the event to win the car?

Students do not have to be present to win the car. Names are automatically entered into the drawing each semester for those students who meet the eligibility requirements.

What Happens if I Win the Car?

Transfer of ownership of the vehicle will be done the next business day, or at a mutually convenient time agreed upon between the winner and Vescovo Toyota. Parents/legal guardians of the student must be present at time of notification of winning so that the following can be discussed:

  1. The winner must be 18 years of age to take possession of the vehicle. In the case that the student is under the age of 18 years, the parent or legal guardian will be required to take possession should they agree to do so. The student will be added to the vehicle title/Bill of Sale as the co-owner of the vehicle.
  2. By taking possession of the vehicle, the student and/or parent/legal guardian will complete the legal documents with Vescovo Toyota, similar to that of a vehicle purchase (i.e. Bill of Sale, Transfer of Title).
  3. Whomever takes possession of the vehicle will also receive an IRS Form 1099 for the value of the vehicle. This form must be reported for tax purposes. The winner will be responsible for any tax liability incurred in winning the vehicle. Student and/or parent/legal guardian will be given 48 hours to consult with a tax professional prior to accepting the vehicle. Should the winner reject acceptance of the vehicle, a new drawing will be held and the same process will be followed.
Who is Invited to the Giveaway Event?

All LCPS high school students are invited to attend the annual giveaway event.  Business and community partners combine efforts to create a fun experience in celebration of high school students completing the school year maintaining good attendance in every class.  Giveaways are offered to those in attendance.  Free food, drink, inflatable games and music are offered.  School administrators and security are on-hand to ensure a safe environment is maintained.

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