The Office of Community Relations will:

  • Build positive community connections with parents, businesses, government, and legislators;
  • Teach and model effective internal and external communication skills;
  • Develop services to reinforce positive community support for student achievement, school programs, and parental involvement.

Major Functions

The Department of Community Relations is the central information center for parent and community concerns and perceived problems with the school district’s policies, procedures and decisions. The Coordinator participates in the executive leadership of the school system as a member of the Superintendent’s leadership team and speaks for the Superintendent in matters concerning parental or community concerns.

The Community Relations Department assists the Board of Education, the office of the Superintendent, other district departments, and schools in communicating with parents and community regarding Board policies, school decisions, and misunderstandings regarding services to students. The Coordinator analyzes trends in district complaints and works toward correction of procedures or systems that are confusing, inconsistent, or applied inappropriately.

As a parent or community member, there may be times when you need to have a problem solved or have a question answered. You may also have suggestions for changes to improve our school system. Your input is important.


  1. Address your questions or concerns to the school principal.
  2. If your concerns are not addressed satisfactorily at the school, contact: Jaime Calderon, or (575) 527-5801, in the Community Relations Office.