Report a Concern or Complaint

A quality educational program for students in the Las Cruces Public Schools can be achieved best by individuals working together harmoniously. There will be times, however, when an individual may need to make a complaint against the school system or individual staff.

When complaints or concerns occur, they should be resolved at the local school or at the lowest possible administrative level through an informal process of cooperative agreement among the affected individuals. However, when the informal process fails to provide resolution, an individual is entitled to file a formal complaint through the Executive Director of Community Relations.

What is the Executive Director of Community Relations’ Role?

The Executive Director is one who investigates complaints that may be infringing on the rights of individuals and assists in fair settlements.

What authority does the Executive Director have?

The Executive Director has the authority to access all files with your permission. The Executive Director has direct and daily communication with the Superintendent and works as the Superintendent’s voice in matters of conflict resolution.

Will my call be confidential?

Yes. Absolutely.

Whom does the Executive Director of Community Relations assist?

Parents, guardians, students, Las Cruces residents, school staff, and administrators; basically anyone with a school-related problem.

What process should I use to get my complaint handled as quickly as possible?

Complaints involving an individual teacher or school:

Contact the school principal and attempt to solve the problem informally. If the problem is not settled informally you may call the Coordinator of Community Relations. The Coordinator will help with the mediation necessary to solve the problem. If there is still a problem, the Coordinator or principal will guide you in submitting a formal complaint, that if necessary can be appealed to the Deputy Superintendent or Superintendent of Schools.

Issues involving personnel problems:

Contact the Human Resources Department, or the supervisor of the Department with which you have a concern. If you are unsure of whom to call, contact the Community Relations Coordinator.

Issues involving the Board of Education policies, or administrative procedures:

Contact the appropriate office or call or email the Executive Director of Community Relations.

What if I feel I have been discriminated against?
What if I have a general question about the school district?