About Us

The Department of Construction consists of the Director of Construction, Gloria Martinez, and Project Technician, Martin Vasquez. The department oversees and coordinates a multitude of construction projects throughout the school district.  Some of these projects include: new schools, libraries, security updates, expansion of kitchens and addition of new classrooms. Once the director approves a construction project, coordination with the school’s staff during design & construction to ensure that all stakeholders are active participants in the project will commence.

It is the intent of the Las Cruces Public Schools to build new facilities, and to retrofit older buildings, in support of the educational process. Functional school buildings are a product of an educational planning process that leads to a design that organizes all activity and space around students and teachers and the work they do. LCPS uses a collaborative process, involving parents, students, staff and community, in the design of new or remodeled facilities.

To ensure that designs support the district’s vision and mission, LCPS follows regulations specified within the New Mexico Administrative Code. To review the Statewide Adequacy Standards, see link below and click on Documentation/Reference, Plans and Standards; the adequacy standards are the third category down.

Our Responsibilities

  • Manage all construction projects
  • Supply floor plans to schools
  • Calculate capacities for gyms, pal’s, multipurpose rooms etc.
  • Do security updates for all sites
  • Provide monthly construction reports to the School Board
  • Apply for Capital Funding for facility projects through the Public Schools Capital Outlay Council, PSCOC