Through grant funding from the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act, Project Link was established in March 1992 to serve the educational needs of homeless children in Las Cruces Public Schools. A school liaison has been assigned to work with the district’s elementary and secondary schools as well as the community shelters in identifying homeless families with school-age children. Project Link is serving those students who by definition “lack a fixed, regular and adequate residence; or have a primary nighttime residence that is temporary in nature; or is a place not designed or used ordinarily as a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings.” Once students are identified, they and their families receive assistance with enrollment procedures, basic school supplies, tutoring and counseling if needed, and referrals to local service agencies if necessary.

Regular contact with the family will be made and communication will be established with the student’s school on a regular basis as well. This involvement of the family and the school, on behalf of the homeless students, is a primary goal of Project Link – one that will help create a comprehensive and continuous program to meet the needs of this particular student population.


  • A list of local shelters for homeless children
  • FAQ for Principals and School Site Staff Regarding Homeless Education
  • LCPS Regulation JFABD-RB Enrollment of Homeless Students
  • Needed Items for Project Link
  • Project Link Resources for Teachers, Schools, and Families
  • The Rights of Homeless Children
  • Student Residency Questionnaire
    The Student Residency Questionnaire was created to accommodate enrollment of a homeless student, ensure the student is identified, and to alert the homeless liaison of students and families needing assistance. The secretary/registrar or the counselor should complete the form for any student identified as homeless and forward the completed form to Project Link at fax number (575) 527-9327 or call (575) 527-5913. For more information, you may view the FAQ regarding the education of homeless students to guide you in respect to their enrollment and identification. Consistent, uninterrupted education is vital for academic achievement. Thank you for ensuring that all children and youth are given meaningful opportunities to succeed in our schools.