Facility Usage Request Checklist

All forms are filled out completely

Incomplete forms will delay the scheduling process

All applicable room numbers are listed

Room numbers help to ensure the heating and cooling system is turned on in the correct area(s) of the building(s)

Liability insurance or waiver is included

If your event requires a certificate of liability make sure it is attached, no exceptions. If you are attaching a certificate of liability, all parents must sign off and list their child’s name on the form.

Forms are signed by the building administrator

Unsigned forms will be rejected and returned

Forms are submitted at least 2 weeks in advance

Although we may be able to accommodate last-minute events, submitting all of the paperwork in advance will help to ensure the space and set-up resources are available

Payment for applicable fees is included

Payments must be made before the event takes place. All money orders must be made out to “Las Cruces Public Schools”. If the school is using a transfer of funds the transfer form must accompany the facility use request