AES Vision

We are committed to the identification and development of our diverse population of gifted students. We envision a K-12 experience where identified gifts are fostered and the social-emotional needs of the whole child are addressed. This occurs within an environment of challenging and meaningful learning experiences where learners are encouraged to develop their academic abilities to their fullest potential.

AES Mission

Advanced Education Services recognizes and addresses the rights of gifted students to be provided with the direction, time, encouragement, and resources to realize their potential in order to become confident, productive adults.

AES Program Goals

Goal 1: Student Identification

Determine comprehensive, cohesive and clearly articulated procedures for the identification of gifted students which include alternate pathways to eligibility for a culturally, linguistically, socioeconomically diverse population

Goal 2: Professional Development

AES will Provide professionals who have:

  • specialized preparation in gifted education,
  • expertise in appropriate differentiated content and instructional methods,
  • involvement in ongoing professional development,

and who possess exemplary personal and professional traits to serve gifted students.

Goal 3: Socio-Emotional Guidance

AES will recognize and nurture the unique socio-emotional development of gifted learners.

Goal 4: Program Design

The AES Department will provide comprehensive gifted services based on sound philosophical, theoretical, and empirical support.

Goal 5: Gifted Curriculum – Service Delivery

Gifted education services provided by AES will include curricular and instructional opportunities directed to the unique needs of the gifted child.

Goal 6: Program Administration and Evaluation

AES will include the establishment of a systematic means of developing, implementing, managing and evaluating services.

Goal 7: Advocacy

Advanced Education Services Facilitators will collaborate with parents and community:

  • To enhance the awareness of academic, social and emotional needs of gifted students
  • To advocate for gifted education