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Professional Licensure

The NMPED’s Professional Licensure Bureau determines qualifications for and issues licenses to teachers, administrators and other instructional personnel. They also provide technical assistance to individuals seeking licensure and to local school officials who must hire licensed staff.

Go to their site for information on some of the following popular topics, as well as many other resources:

Certified Licensure Staff:

Certified Staff Onboarding
Erica Tellez


Certified Staff Salary & Licensure
Stacey Sanchez
(575) 527-5992

Associate Director of Human Resources (Certified Staff)
Jesse Pareo


Educational Assistant Licensure:

Educational Assistant Onboarding
Sonia Montez

Associate Director of Human Resources
(EA's & Classified Staff)
Annette Rodriguez



Coaches Onboarding
Candy Maldonado


Associate Director of Human Resources
Michael Phillips

Licensure Resources

New Mexico 3-Tiered Teacher Licensure System

Check on your Licensure