Las Cruces Public Schools Superintendent Search

Superintendent Search

Austin-based JG Consulting has engaged with the Las Cruces Public Schools (LCPS) Board of Education to recruit candidates to serve as Superintendent.

The Las Cruces Public Schools Board of Education is seeking an experienced, compassionate leader who can create a unified system and understands the uniqueness of the diverse and multicultural Las Cruces community.

Located 45 miles north of the US-Mexico border in Las Cruces, New Mexico, LCPS serves a diverse population of approximately 91,000 people. The district’s approximate 24,999 students and 3,200 employees live throughout the City of Las Cruces, the Town of Mesilla, the Village of Doña Ana, and the White Sands Missile Range.

The district has 40 schools: 24 elementary schools (pre-kindergarten-5th); one combined elementary and middle school (K-8th); eight middle schools (6th-8th); and seven high schools (9th-12th). Two of the seven high schools are early college high schools and are located on the campus of New Mexico State University. LCPS also has a Virtual Learning Academy, serving elementary through high school students.

This position closed June 4, 2023. Three finalists were selected and announced on June 19. Click here for more.

Superintendent Search Plan

The primary responsibility of JG Consulting will be to serve as the main point of contact to the Board for all matters related to the superintendent search, following a plan approved by the board in March. They will begin their work with the Superintendent Search Advisory Committee on two principle issues related to the search: the criteria desired in a new superintendent, and to generate interview questions from the stakeholder perspective to be asked of the finalists in a facilitated public forum. An introductory meeting will be held virtually, with a series of subsequent meetings to follow.  

The board recently voted to expedite the search, shifting a few key dates that could place a new superintendent in LCPS before the start of the 2023-2024 school year.  

Please click here for a detailed look at the Superintendent Search Plan, as updated by the Board at their May 9 work session.

An updated timeline for the search includes the following key dates:  

Superintendent Search infographic

Superintendent Search Plan Committee

Luis Lucero - Admin

Shawn Mena - Admin

Amanda Castillo - Admin

Karin Hite - Admin

Melissa Galaz - Admin

Heather Kingery - Admin

Cynthia Parmalee - Admin

Robin Van Sant - Admin

Dr. Marlene Melendez - Higher Ed

Elvira Masson - Higher Ed

Eilleen Wyatt - Higher Ed

Shannon Bradley - Higher Ed

Dr. Yoshi Iwasaki - Higher Ed

Dr. Monica Torres - Higher Ed

Anthony Shoemaker - CSEC

Danny Salazar - CSEC

Al Rivera - CSEC

Charles Cotton - CSEC

Christina Arrieta - CSEC

Felix Cordero  - CSEC

Josie Lopez - CSEC

Irma Valdespino - CSEC

Alyssa Tovar - NEA

Karen Hanson Sharp - NEA

Tara Blanco - NEA

Biviana Cadena - NEA

Mark Lopez - NEA

Richard Vickrey - NEA

Denise Sheehan - NEA

Corina Valdespino - NEA

Rick Reynaud - Parent

Kelly Jameson - Parent

Rebecca Cram - Parent

Aime Springer - Parent

Jeni Elflein - Parent

Jamar Cotton - Parent

Patricia Chispa* - Parent

Jane Bloom - Parent

Monica - Middle School - Student

Maia   - High School - Student

Matthew - High School - Student

Kailub   - High School - Student    

Faris - High School - Student

Serenity High School - Student

Megan - High School - Student

Lauren - High School - Student

Melodie - High School - Student

Juan Garcia - Equity Council

Sra. Maria Flores - Equity Council

Colette Martinez - Equity Council

Tim Zagorski Health/Human SVCS

Amy Himelright - Health/Human SVCS

Ashley Eschavarria - Health/Human SVCS

Dr. Lori Comallie-Caplan - Health/Human SVCS

Maria Zuniga - Health/Human SVCS

Brian Kavanaugh - Health/Human SVCS

Virgil Medina - Health/Human SVCS

Ernesto Robles - Health/Human SVCS

Kassandra Gandara - Government

Nora Barraza - Government

Marisol Richardson - Government

Chris Schaljo-Hernandez - Government

Micaela Cadena - Business

Israel Chavez - Business

Kent Thurston* - Business

Nicole Perez* - Business

Ronna Carnathan - Business

Kristina Cervantes - Business

Brooke Montgomery - Business

Debbie Moore - Business

Brianna Amis - Business

Farrah Marquez - Business