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Thank you for volunteering your time and talents with the Las Cruces Public Schools! We believe that schools, parents and the community should work together to promote the learning of all students. You are a valuable resource to our teachers and students and you can help in the classroom or you can also assist with setting up for school events or assist teachers with assemble material packets at home. They are many ways to help assist our students either directly or indirectly. You matter!

Las Cruces Public Schools welcomes and encourages all parents, and community members of Las Cruces to volunteer in our schools. In order to protect our students; volunteers must comply with the LCPS Board of Education Policy IJOC: School Volunteers and Regulation.

Organization – Individual Volunteers

Organizations/individuals will contact Audrey Abeyta in LCPS Human Resources at with names and contact information of those interested in volunteering (name, phone and email address). Human Resources will send each individual an electronic volunteer application or they can download from the Las Cruces School District website. Individuals will complete the digital application. Each individual will complete a background check. Human Resources will review the background check and application. Clearance letters will be sent to the organization lead/individuals. The clearance letter outlines the volunteers responsibilities.

College Student Volunteers

All Students observing in classrooms or conducting a practicum in New Mexico public schools are REQUIRED to undergo a criminal information background check.

STEP ONE: Students must complete an electronic NMSU/DACC Volunteer Packet. Please contact LCPS HR Clerk, Audrey Abeyta, at to receive a packet. (Please provide a personal email address, not an address.)

STEP TWO: Once LCPS HR receives your packet, they will reach out to you to schedule your fingerprinting and background check. An LCPS HR Specialist will contact you for registration and will also pay the $59.00 fee as well. Take your IdentoGO registration receipt with a valid photo ID to Security Concepts located at 130 North Solano. They will sign your IdentoGO receipt. (Individual appointments may be required due to COVID-19).

STEP THREE: Students will have to submit their IdentoGO receipts via email to Audrey Abeyta at Once she receives your receipt, she will review your background check for clearance. If your background check is cleared, she will then issue you your Blue Card. Your Blue Card will be issued via email. Keep in mind, you need your Blue Card and Student ID to access school buildings.


Students requesting an intern placement should contact Audrey Abeyta at for an application packet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What if I have a background check from another school district, agency, etc. Do I need to get a background check from LCPS?

A) YES, every agency is different and requires that a background check be completed specifically for them.

Q) I have a Blue Card from LCPS, is it still good? A) Depends on when it was issued if you graduated or withdrew from the University. If you graduated and are a returning student in another program, you are required to complete an updated background check and finally, if you withdrew from the university or stepped-out and did not enroll in classes for one semester or more, you are required to complete a new background check.

*Complete these steps as soon as possible or you may not be able to receive your Blue Card on time!! For more information or questions, please contact:
Anisa Schomburg at