Ipad and books

Summer is just getting started, and this week, many students K-12 throughout the district, wrapped up extended learning time at their school.

Funded by the New Mexico Public Education Department, extended learning time, known as ELT, is inclusive to all students.

ELT provides the option for 10 additional days of academic enrichment to engage students in a variety of hands on activities, while learning how academic concepts are applied in the real world.

Students at the elementary level in ELT are also learning how to code and operate their very own robots.

While the summer Olympic Games in Tokyo are a go, students at Sonoma Elementary studied the counties participating in the game and applied the academic factors that make world class athletes successful at the Olympics Games.

Over at alameda elementary, students are learning more about the Earth’s climate and we can harness the sun’s energy for solar power. Just down the hall, a culinary master piece of homemade tortillas made by students with the help of their teachers.

It was a tale as old as time for students at Las Cruces high school, as they performed a production of Disney’s beauty and the beast. Every student interested in performing in the production, had a role, putting on a wonderful show enchanting the community of Las Cruces.

While this academic year looked a little different from any other, many students were happy to have more time with their teachers and friends at school.

This was the first year for the ELT program in the district.

— Samantha Lewis, LCPS Public Relations Coordinator, 575-635-9303, slewis@lcps.net